Prison Update July 2015

Praise God,  we had a new prisoner join  our group on Friday and he said he would be back next week. Another prisoner arrived late ( 1 minute before we closed up) and asked if he could join, I said that it was great that he came, unfortunately late, however I will be back next Friday and we start at 9:30 – pray that he comes next week. Another blessing to share is that a prison warden told me (unsolicited) that my faithful presence has made a difference and it was a blessing to have me come. Praise God! I said to him that it all starts with one person.. God willing we can experience the whole prison getting saved and becoming not only model prisoners but also model citizens when they leave.. pray to this end. The RIP program is a slow process as part of my problem is that the material is only in English and not Zulu, however we will be translating it and God willing, see more actively involved on a daily basis.