My RU testimony – Saul Radebe

My name is Saul and I am 21yrs old. I was born and raised in a semi- Christian family. My dad was (still is)  a preacher and my mom, a preachers wife.. I grew up going to church, “loving the Lord” and trying to be “good enough to go to heaven”, by the time I turned 10, I had been to many churches in and outside my community, but no one had confronted me about my salvation, then one day when I was invited to Holiday Bible Club at Northdale Bible Baptist Church, when I met Pastor Myers on the way to Church that day – He asked me whether I was saved or not. I lied and said yes, then I went on to explain how it happened which was a lie. Later day I began thinking about my salvation and realized I had the head knowledge of God’s saving grace but I had not truly put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ, so the following day I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour and got baptized two months later.

I began actively serving the Lord and growing spiritually and praise God I developed a strong Christian character and a solid foundation in Christ which helped me flee from many temptations as a teenager. Unfortunately, I began to rely too much on my ability instead of dieing daily and living in Christ, I began to slowly slip further and further away from the fellowship I once enjoyed with Christ, I found myself struggling to read my bible and pray daily and because of this I struggled in some areas of my life which led me to depression, because of this I also suffered from bipolar disorder and B.DD.

On the outside I was a strong growing Christian, but on the inside I was “dying” and “Losing my mind”, I searched through many Christian websites for answers, some of which were very true and gave me comfort and strength, temporally, but none helped me get the victory I was searching for.

My church began to host RU meetings, but I never went because I did not believe or even imagine how it could help me. Pastor Myers and Pastor Leo, who both didn’t know what I was going through, encouraged me to go through the program but because of pride I refused to go.

One day Pastor Myers asked me, “so what do you have against the program?”, and I realized that I had nothing against it except my own pride was getting in my way. So reluctantly I decided to go fro the next Thursday meeting and just after One meeting I was hooked! I fell in love with the program and I realized how God could use it in my own life and in the lives of many struggling people! I would encourage every Christian to go through the program at least once to enjoy a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ. I give God the glory and praise for allowing us, His children, to experience victory in all things and making this provision through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ! Thank you ….