Prison Update October 1 2015

Many praises to make – we now have three more prisoners who have joined our Reformers Institution Program (RIP) at New Hanover. Those that are coming are starting to become faithful, not only in attendance but also doing the required bible reading, mediating and memorization.

Some have preferred to memorize in Zulu (Our material is unfortunately for the moment only in English), but I have mentioned that it is alright to memorize in Zulu, I do have a translator who can check. Another blessing comes in another form and this is specially for those who have unashamedly testified over the internet (Utube) as to how God has changed their lives. These people have testified as to how they struggled to give up their addiction (some have had an easy, while others would fall back and God would pick them back up again to continue to grow in Christ).  Cardboard Testimony     Sample Blog

What I have done is downloaded their testimonies and play it for the prisoners to watch as a form of encouragement. I was interested to find out if it was beneficial for them – were they in fact getting something out of it (was it worth while continuing to do this?). I must admit that I was amazed at their responses. I was informed that it was extremely beneficial as they saw and heard of others who were experiencing similar issues in their lives able to overcome their problems. It gave them hope that they too can experience victory, that it is possible. Praise God for the men and woman who are willing to share their life testimony as to the goodness of Christ in their lives “Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee. ” Mark 5:19b