Female Prison Update 12 Oct 2015

God has opened a door for me to minister to the female prisoners today. I showed them the cardboard presentation  www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgUL2ACdJ0E . I mentioned what the program is all about and stressed that it would take hard work from them, if they want to see God change them. The hard work will entail, Bible reading, studying,

Prison Update October 1 2015

Many praises to make – we now have three more prisoners who have joined our Reformers Institution Program (RIP) at New Hanover. Those that are coming are starting to become faithful, not only in attendance but also doing the required bible reading, mediating and memorization. Some have preferred to memorize in Zulu (Our material is

Prison Update July 2015

I had a prisoner come to our Reformers Institution Program three weeks ago and he left (seemed like he enjoyed it) yet two weeks ago he refused to come and I believed he cursed me/us for asking him if he was going to join us… the blessing is that he came yesterday and during the

Prison Update July 2015

Praise God,  we had a new prisoner join  our group on Friday and he said he would be back next week. Another prisoner arrived late ( 1 minute before we closed up) and asked if he could join, I said that it was great that he came, unfortunately late, however I will be back next

Recovery Update May 2015

I have two blessing to share, no wait – its three. We have experienced our highest number at RU on Thursday evening. One person has testified of giving up smoking now for 9 days and has said that, as she started to read her Bible, she cannot put it down – just loves reading it