Leo and Daphne Minnaar

                                                                       My name is Leo Minnaar and my wife’s name is Daphne. Daphne and I, were led to the Lord through the Ministry of Carl Clark, a BBFI missionary in 1986. We have been involved in many ministries through out this time period.

Leo Minnaar Ordination

 I have served as associate Pastor for Bible Baptist Church Pietermaritzburg, associate Pastor For Bible Baptist Church Northdale, and as a Deacon at Hayfields Baptists Church. This includes my involvement in Church planting among the Asian and Zulu community.  Served as Bible Study leader and Sunday School teacher for the various age groups, including the privilege to teach Mentally and Physically handicapped children for a year (from Peter Pan). I have also started and served as an AWANA commander and leader.

Daphne has served along side with me in the various positions and ministries throughout the years. Daphne has supported me as a Pastor's wife. She taught Sunday School for many years, sang in the Choir(Including solo), and has helped run Awana. We have found in a lot of aspects,she complimented my weaknesses. Daphne is really an "on hands" person and gets 100% behind all our activities.

As it is today, I am serving God through the Reformers Unanimous Recovery Program for Addicts and also ministering with prisoners at New Hanover.  Read More

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